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MuP 3/2020 English Abstracts: Free interaction in horse-assisted therapy Abstract
Svenja Hawighorst
MuP 2/2017 English Abstracts: Getting older with the horse – potentials and challenges of successful aging Abstract
Monja Mayer, Mone Welsche
MuP 1/2021 English Abstracts: Horse Assisted Therapy in Children with ADHS Abstract
Erwin Breitenbach, Annette Gomolla, Svenja Radeck
MuP 4/2021 English Abstracts: Horse-assisted treatment of tic disorders Abstract
English Abstracts: Positive affirmations in horse-assisted coachings Abstract
Kathrin Schütz
MuP 1/2020 English Abstracts: Positive psychology in horse-assisted coachings Abstract
Kathrin Schütz
MuP 4/2019 English Abstracts: Professional training in focus / Child Sexual Abuse Abstract
MuP 3/2018 English Abstracts: Promotion of selfconcept in riding therapy Abstract
Mone Welsche
MuP 2/2020 English Abstracts: Psychological and social effects of horse-assisted interventions in children: A systematic review Abstract
MuP 2/2011 English article: Aspects of Horse-assisted Therapy with Children suffering from Attachment Disorders Abstract
Alexandra Dischinger, Annette Gomolla
MuP 2/2016 English Article: Equine-assisted activities and therapy from the perspective of people with multiple sclerosis. Relevance and therapeutic effects Abstract
Anne Karen Czerwonka, Simone Pülschen
MuP 1/2010 English article: Financing horse-assisted therapy. Part 2 Abstract
Marianne Gäng, Rita Hölscher-Regener, Christian Robier
MuP 3/2010 English article: Hippotherapy and Parkinson’s Disease Abstract
Kerstin Kofler, Lydia Huber, Gusti Tautscher-Basnett, Volker Tomantschger
MuP 1/2009 English article: Horse-assisted Movement-therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders Abstract
Katharina Alexandridis
MuP 4/2011 English article: Laterality in the Horse Abstract
Konstanze Krüger, Kate Farmer
MuP 1/2009 English article: One Horse Power for success Abstract
Ute S. Patrick
MuP 3/2009 English article: Sterntalerhof - Palliative Care with horses Abstract
Lisa Graschopf
MuP 1/2012 English article: The contribution of Psycho-Educational Vaulting (therapeutic horseback riding) on the psychomotor development of a child with cri-du-chat-syndrom Abstract
Alexandra Stergiou, Spyridon-Georgios Soulis, Dimitrios Varvarousis, Pinio Christodoulou, Evdoxia Sakellaropoulou, Lucia Kessler-Kakoulidi
MuP 4/2010 English article: The Horse-Complex - about the Psychodynamic Impact of Horses in Therapy Abstract
Michaela Scheidhacker
MuP 2/2012 English article: Therapeutic riding enhances quality of life and state of mind of children and juveniles with different psychiatric or medical disorders Abstract
Andrea Beetz, Verena Grebe
MuP 4/2009 English article: Therapeutic Riding for Children with Congenital Heart Disease Abstract
Sabine Schickendantz, Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens, Elisabeth Sticker, Sigrid Dordel, Narayanwami Sreeram, Marion Drache
MuP 2/2009 English article: Therapeutic Riding with Persons Suffering from Primary Fibromyalgia Abstract
Julia Springer
MuP 3/2014 Entwicklung eines Pferdegestützten Konzentrationstrainings Abstract
Yvonne Haßlinger, Sarah Kless
MuP 2/2013 Entwicklung von Qualitätsstandards und Professionalisierung in der pferdegestützten Personalentwicklung Abstract
Detlev Lindau-Bank
MuP 1/2022 Equo ne credite - Gefährliche Pferde?! Abstract
Reinhard Kaun
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